The 988 Suicide & Crisis Lifeline Campaign


About the 988 Suicide & Crisis Lifeline 

Marin County's 988 Lifeline is part of a network of 200 local crisis call centers that provides free, confidential support 24/7 nationwide. In our community,  BUCKELEW PROGRAMS, directs the local call center with caring and compassionate support.

A few facts:

  • 988 is different from 911. If you are experiencing suicidality, substance use, or emotional distress. Since the launch of the 988 three-digit number:
  • 97% of North Bay calls resulted in a reduction of suicide risk, more than 1% remained at the same risk level, and less than 1% required emergency response.​
  • More than 99% of Marin calls are resolved over the phone and do not require an emergency response.

Contact 988 and:

  • Press 1 for the Veterans Crisis Line.
  • Press 2 for Spanish support, with 240+ languages available.
  • Press 3 for LGBTQI+ specialized help.

Insights from Marin County

Everyone can be impacted by suicidal, substance use, or emotional distress. From 2018-2023, 203 suicides occurred, disproportionately impacting men and youth. Overdose is a leading cause of death, affecting residents under 55 every 5-6 days.

To learn more about how suicide and overdose impacts our community, please review data presented in the Marin County Suicide Prevention Collaborative Annual Report 2022-23 and Data from OD Free Marin.

3 out of 4 men and boys account for suicide & overdoses in Marin.

Localized 988 Campaign

The foundation of this campaign is rooted in the message of Hope & Help. We’re inviting you to join the cause, break the stat, and help connect others to hope---and help.  We’re encouraging our community to engage by:

Our localized 988 campaign raises awareness and empowers individuals through multimedia storytelling featuring men from our local community. 

Empowering Communities with the Toolkit

The Hope & Help Marin 988 Campaign Toolkit equips stakeholders with resources to promote the 988 Lifeline effectively.  Let's spread hope and help across Marin County together.

Scroll down to learn more!


Welcome to the 988 Hope and Help Toolkit page! We’re thrilled to have you join the movement. Explore our toolkit and discover valuable resources to support mental health awareness and assistance. Thank you for being part of this vital initiative.

How to get involved? 

1.  Join us for MMHM Events! 

Register today at

2.  Learn a story. Share a story. 

Meet the faces of resilience from the Men & Boys Action Team: Sean Stephens, ADonis Prince, Jonathan Deras, and Rick Hess. They bravely open up about their battles with mental health, detailing their journeys towards rediscovering hope and help. Learn more about their stories below.

3. Spread awareness on 988.

Help spread the word about 988—a crucial lifeline for mental health crises. Let's break the stigma and ensure everyone knows about this vital resource. Together, we can make a difference and save lives.

Welcome to our campaign for hope and help. We're on a mission to spread awareness through three key elements: inviting everyone to join our May mental health events, sharing real stories from Marin residents to inspire recovery, and destigmatizing hotlines by explaining what 988 is all about. Together, let's create a community that supports mental health without judgment.

Media Collateral

The 988 brand embodies the 988 Suicide & Crisis Lifeline's ideals and goals. Used as intended, the 988 brand provides a cohesive look and feel across 988 materials. Download materials at

The Hope & Help tagline was created with the assistance of our action teams who provided ideas and feedback around the messaging of the campaign and the services of 988.  We have created logo lock with the 988 logo and the Hope & Help Messaging.    Downloadable copies of the tagline are available in English & Spanish at the bottom of this page.

May Mental Health Month Newsletter PDF:  English / Spanish

Effortlessly share our social media graphics by downloading the PNG files (available at the bottom of this page) and simply copying and pasting the suggested captions (available in the editorial calendar). Alternatively, follow Marin HHS on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and X platforms to re-share and amplify the message for even greater impact.

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