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Redefining Strength: A Conversation About Men and Boys' Mental Health ~ May 19th from 5:30-8:00 pm

This FREE, HYBRID event, is for those who self-identify as male,  and is scheduled for May 19 from 5:30-8:00 pm at the Marin Civic Center.  Hosted by Marin County Behavioral Health and Recovery Services and the Marin County Suicide Prevention Collaborative. 


Men and boys

Marin’s Strategic Plan for Suicide Prevention

Marin County Board of Supervisors approved the County's first Suicide Prevention Strategic Plan in February 2020. This seven-strategy plan is our call to action to reduce deaths by suicide and suicide attempts in our community. At the heart of this plan is the knowledge that preventing suicide is achievable. Together, we are challenging our long held beliefs and perceptions about suicide and creating a new way to work across agencies and institutions to prevent suicide.  To learn more about the work we've accomplished in our first year, please read the newly released Annual Report: 2021-22.

Suicide Incidence and Rate Dashboard

This newly released dashboard by the Mental Health Services Oversight and Accountability Commission (MHSOAC)  supports suicide prevention planning by increasing public access to and awareness about trends in deaths by suicide in California. This dashboard displays publicly available data, which can be broken down by demographic factors and methods used in a suicide, such as firearm, using the menus below. It shows both counts of deaths per year (“incidence”) and deaths per 100,000 residents per year (“rate”).  Data may also be accessed by reviewing the Collaborative's Year One Annual Report.