Promotores and Community Health Advocates

Promotores and Community Health Advocates build bridges between the diverse populations that they serve and the healthcare system and establish strong relationships with a diverse range of individuals and organizations, including schools, faith-based groups, government agencies (Marin County BHRS, Public Health), and community health care providers.  Through culturally and linguistically appropriate outreach and education, Community Health Advocates  and Promotores connect and facilitate access for vulnerable populations that experience barriers to culturally appropriate health and wellness services. They are representative of the communities they serve and are considered a trusted community resource.  They reduce stigma around seeking help for mental illness and other needs by making services accessible, welcoming, and culturally responsive and by participating in activities designed to promote awareness of the mental health needs of diverse communities.   BHRS Community Outreach support BHRS’s values of equity and inclusion and target three populations within Marin County:

Group of Promotores.