Community Training and Education

In order to support MHSA PEI goals including increasing recognition of mental illness, stigma and discrimination reduction, and implementing effective practices, Marin has designated funds to implement outreach, training and education. A central component is Mental Health First Aid. These trainings are offered throughout the community. Eight to ten trainings are offered per year. Trainings include standard, youth, Spanish and Vietnamese. The type of trainings, locations, and frequency depend on the demand for the trainings.

In addition, funds are used for other strategies, such as training in suicide prevention; outreach to those who could recognize and respond to mental illness, including individuals who may have signs of mental illness and their families; sending providers, consumers, families and others to conferences related to PEI efforts; trainings and stigma reduction efforts related to May is Mental Health Month including the Youth Mental Health Summit; and funding focused on community-wide equity and inclusion efforts aimed at reducing stigma.

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